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Professional PPC Management

PPC marketing is the most persuasive way to attain the internet marketing results quickly, but for the paid marketing campaign to work, it needs to be meticulously planned, attentively monitored and at the same time flexible enough to allow rapid response to volatile conditions. Our result driven approach towards PPC marketing can be summed simply: We are here to manage your PPC marketing effectively, keeping your budget in mind and deliver desired results alongside.

Scrutinizing and planning

No matter if you are going for the PPC marketing for the first time or already running a campaign, we will thoroughly scrutinize the future possibilities and market, after that we will be advising you for the further course of the planning process.

Continuous optimization

All PPC campaigns demand continues optimization of your accounts and under our management all your accounts will be on professional watch all the time. We will keep looking for new and better opportunities in order to amplify the conversion rate and sales.

Measuring tools and statistics

There are tools that can help you in effectively over viewing the whole PPC marketing campaign, and with us, you will get those tools. Furthermore, from our side, you will get accurate statistics about every dollar spent, making you precisely gauge the return on investment and potential profits.

Second to None PPC Marketing Services

We, at Medhaavi offer you unbeaten services that can take you to the top of your industry

PPC Strategy

To make your PPC campaign work, convert leads, effective strategy is the key. At Medhaavi, we will analyze your potential market, industry, and competitors. This allow us to develop a course of action that will fetch you the results, you are looking for.

Keyword research

If keywords are not right, you are just wasting your money and the campaign will be useless. We have specific methods to make sure that your internet marketing campaign is covering the right keywords for targeting and generating high ROI.

Ad Copy Writing

Your Ad copy is your first impression and can easily gain more number of clicks with attention-grabbing Ad copy. We ensure that all your ads are keyword centric in that particular ad group, with landing page properly optimized.

Ad Extensions

In the course of PPC campaign, Ad extensions are as crucial as Ad copy. Ad extensions help you remain ahead of your competitors and also improve your Ad copy as whole. If you are not using Ad extensions rightly, you could miss out vital traffic.


To make the most bang out of every buck you have spent, you need to analyze your data and get the right traffic to your site. Our PPC experts track and analyze all of the data and traffic while optimizing your campaigns.

PPC Optimization

Constant optimization of your campaign will improve your click-through-rate. We have got optimization techniques and professionals to use those techniques effectively, by this we can improve your overall campaign and ensure desired results.

AdWord Account Audit

If you have a currently ongoing PPC campaign and you are not satisfied with the results, then you can conduct an audit in order to determine the techniques that are not showing expected results. We offer audit services to help you understand the loopholes in your present campaign. Our audit services include:

Account structure

Cost efficiency

Conversion tracking

Targeting precision

Ad Creatives

Quality score

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