Rank Higher In Search Results With This SEO Guide
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Rank Higher In Search Results With This SEO Guide

As Google gets more efficient in throttling down the low-quality websites, it is becoming more important for webmasters to rework that approach towards search engine optimization. Unless you are able to hire top quality SEO services, you are limited to dealing with it on your own.

Now there are a lot of the tools like Ahrefs and Moz to help you regularly monitor your search engine rankings, none of these tools is able to guide you on how to improvise your SEO strategy.

Not to worry, because we are here with a step-by-step guide to help you understand how to rank higher in search results in 2019.

1. Start with understanding the SEO again

Search engine optimization is not the same as it used to be a few years back. It is important that you understand how Google has evolved and adapted accordingly.

Now there is featured snipped, local packs, image packs, video SEO and many other channels through which Google ranks your content. Now users want accurate answers and they want them fast. They want search engines to read their minds and get their answers typing minimum words.

To rank higher, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the target audience. The easiest way is to run a search query you want to rank for and look at the websites ranking at the top.

Now dive deep into how they have structured their content and what strategies are working for them. Improve your own SEO tactics accordingly.

2. Speak the language of your customers

In 2019, it has become mandatory that you translate your website in the language of your customers. Search answers for these questions:

What questions they are asking?

What their needs are?

How are they asking questions?

When you get the answers, now work on translating the product and service descriptions in a natural language which is used by your customers. This way you are going to be a valuable resource for your clients, an attribute that Google rewards.

Start using questions in your blog post and answer them. To find relevant questions, search for prospect questions in the Google search bar and you will be shown related searches, now you have the questions to use in the content.  

3. Work on insanely useful content

After RankBrain the definition of online content changed completely. Now content means not only the blog posts but video, webinars, lists, live chats and more.

The content that your prospective customers want should be present on every web channel they are present across the internet. Just a blog on your website in 2019 won’t be sufficient to get you high traffic.

According to SeoEaze, one of the top SEO company in Indore, “as a content creator, it is important that you are aware of the purpose, mission or objective of that content that you are creating.

It is important to ask questions like What exactly is that you are communicating with the audience? Why your audience should care?” In simple words, provide answers through your content, solve their problems and try to be helpful, and you will be rewarded multiple times. Make the content concise and niche specific.

To create such content, you have to network with the leaders in the niche you are writing about. Ask them the real questions and get answers from them. Now turn this conversation into a post and you will have the best quality content ready.

4. Keep an eye on the backlinks you are procuring

Ask yourself this, why Google should link back to you when no one else is?

Backlinks still hold their importance even in 2019. If you get backlinks from sites Google respects, then you are destined to rank higher. But if your backlinks are mostly from the sources that are recognized as blackhat by Google then you can safely assume to never see the light of the day in Google SERPs.

It is important that you keep profiling the backlinks that originate. Tools like Ahrefs Site Explorer or Moz’s Open Site Explorer can help you track thousands of backlinks within minutes. Remove or disavow any backlinks that are coming from negative sources.

An excellent way to generate quality backlinks is to track the backlinks of your competition and look up with the sources of quality backlinks. Now see if there is an opportunity to build quality backlinks from such sites.

5. Get listed

If you running a company, then it is important that you are listed on authoritative and consistent company listings that are recognized by Google.

If you are a local business, get your local SEO in place because Google provides results for local businesses differently, depending on the location of the user. Now that mobile search dominates the internet, getting found in local results is important.

The first step towards getting your business listed with Google is to create a quality Google My Business profile. Do not just submit minimum information, add a full-service detail including hours of operations, reviews, testimonials, images, etc.

Furthermore, creating separate local landing service pages for different locations and optimizing them for the city, pin code and area with boost your local ranking.

6. Create, But promote More

According to SeoEaze, “Webmasters should spend 20 per cent of their time creating and rest 80 per cent expanding the reach of the created content via different formats on more and more channels that will allow them to reach more audience.”

The more people you are able to help with your content the more brand value you will create. Do not count on SEO alone to make it happen for you, you have to make others aware of the valuable content you have and want to share.

Spread the word, Google will watch when the content will reach the target audience and based on their reaction, sharing and reviews, the search giant will try to figure out the authority of the content you have created.

We have seen many content creators using SEO as the only way to popularize their content which is effective but not enough. You have to get your hands dirty, get out there, get loud and let others know you have created something valuable.

Now stick to these strategies and you will see your search rankings soaring gradually.

Think we missed something? Do let us know.