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Write For Us – Casino And iGaming

Thank you for coming to Medhaavi Inc. We are presently offering enthusiastic writers the chance to contribute articles on casinos and iGaming to our site. We accept guest posts and invite you to submit articles if you are also an enthusiast writer and would like to write on casinos, iGaming, gambling, sports betting, etc. It is crucial that articles contribute to raising readers’ awareness while also serving to inform and inspire them. If you have made the choice to write for us, kindly follow the submission guidelines listed below section:

Why Should You Write For Us?

Medhaavi Inc. is the right place for you if you are passionate about writing and have the capacity to create interesting, valuable articles. But, when you begin writing the piece, we anticipate that you will consider both the audience and search engines and will craft the content accordingly. Posting in this professional manner is required to ensure that we both benefit the most from your posts.

Although there are a few benefits that come with making a contribution to us:

  • We will share your content on all of our social media, so you don’t need to worry about doing the promotion yourself (though it would be great if you did).
  • Because of our high traffic, your work will be seen by a large number of passionate iGaming and casinos aficionados. There are more opportunities to build your brand authority the larger your audience.
  • Additionally, you are permitted to add one or two links to your website for the objective of search engine optimisation.

Our Submission Guidelines To Follow For Writing

  • The minimum word count for your blog post should be 1000.
  • For better search engine optimization, create a compelling title that is no more than 60 characters.
  • Your guest article must be on casinos, iGaming, sports betting, or similar topics in order to be eligible for our guest blogging opportunities.
  • Provide amazing, unique, informative, and engrossing content that readers will adore and find enjoyable. It must be devoid of plagiarism (we will thoroughly check it).
  • Use the headings and subheadings (H2, H3, & H4) appropriately to make the post more understandable.
  • Please reread the article at least twice before submitting to make sure there are no grammatical, sentence, or spelling mistakes.
  • Note that you are not permitted to send us articles that you have already published elsewhere. Similarly, you are unable to make your content go live on any platform once it has been published on our website.
  • Promotional content is not allowed in the article.
  • After the writing of the post, kindly provide a headshot, a short bio, and a link to your website.
  • As you write, make sure to include relevant images. Each and every image needs to be unique, of the high-quality, licenced, and of public domain. (No copyright infringement please).

Is Your Article Ready To Submit?

Submit your article to [sales @ medhaavi.net] with the subject line “Guest Post Submission On Casino and iGaming.”

Eager to read amazing content from all of you!